Linda Dekker

First post: Feb 7, 2023 Latest post: Mar 12, 2023

Dear Friends,
I'm afraid I don't know where to start the story of my journey with Cancer, so I will go back to the beginning. Most of you are familiar with the tale so far. It is time to share this with everyone because I have gotten to the point that I can't remember who I have told what. I realize that I would rather not start every conversation with my friends with catching people up. It's really not that interesting after you have repeated yourself so many times.

It all started in late summer 2018 with a positive colonoscopy. I had a left hemi-colectomy surgery about a month later removing a med size tumor. Lymph nodes and everything looked good. They said I was barely stage 3. I did a series of four chemo transfusion and did well. When finished with those I started having regular CAT scans. No recurrence was seen until February 2022. The Dr. said it was unusual to see a recurrence after so long. C'est la vie!

The diagnosis was, terminal but treatable. Meaning being on Chemo on and off as long as I wanted to continue. So most of 2022 was spent doing 12 infusion sessions ending in October. I decided to take a break, each treatment took more and more out of me. Scans now show more lesions and a new tumor between the liver and spleen, as well as new metastasis. I decided not to continue with chemo and to enjoy a better quality of life for the time I have left. I feel really good about my decision.

I started hospice care January 6th and have been so impressed with how quickly they have helped. My medications control the pain, restored my appetite a bit and greatly increased my energy level. I feel much better than when doing chemo. So far I can keep up with self care, and cooking my simple meals. I have stopped driving and sold my car. I get most groceries when friends pick up curbside pickup for me.

My future timeline is a complete unknown, isn't every ones? And today was a great day, sunny and I worked on an art project that I should have finished 10 years ago. I started the morning with a phone call from my son who is on his way to starting a new life with his new love, who is an amazing woman who adores my grandchild, Parlee, as much as I do. A very good day indeed.

As I walk down this path I will try to keep you posted. I promise I will ask for help if and when I need it. No need to fuss, fussing makes me nervous.

Guan Yin is listening. Love to you all.