Linda Gariepy

First post: May 18, 2019 Latest post: Oct 31, 2019
Our journey began in March 2019 when mom started having some back pain. She visited the chiropractor a few times and that was not working. On April 20th I took her to the ER for severe back pain and she had some scans and bloodwork done  but nothing major was diagnosed.  10 days later I took her back to the ER with severe back pain,  nausea and mild vomiting but again nothing really found. The beginning of May she had a follow up visit with her regular doctor and after being sick for 4 days and being dehydrated I pretty much insisted she be hospitalized. He agreed to get her hydrated again and to figure out why she was having so much back pain. He ordered a CT scan which was done the same day. 
The following morning I was called directly by the doctor and told me that it appears to be cancer and I need to come to the hospital right away.  After getting to the hospital we spoke with mom and informed her that it appears to be lymphoma in the abdomen. We needed to do further testing but he would find the correct medications to make her comfortable. 

Please follow along for updates as we face this journey and kick cancers butt!!