Linda Brandenburg

First post: Jul 14, 2021 Latest post: Oct 7, 2021
In May of 2021 Linda noticed she was coughing persistently.  After a chest Xray and CT scan she was referred to Alaska Oncology.  On June 15th she was diagnosed with Stage Four Small Cell Lung Cancer.  Over many, many years, Linda and Jeff have always very silently, lovingly and heavily donated to and supported anyone they knew needing a helping hand. Now it is time for us to muster up our energy, prayers and love to help Linda.

Note to Linda and Jeff from Willie: You guys are not alone. You have an entire small town in AK of which you both play a huge role, and too many friends and family to count that absolutely adore Linda and stand ready to do what it takes to pull you guys through this! I know you are both used to being the givers but…it’s our turn to help you. We will not only be happy to do things for you; we will be honored to do them……and that includes everyday little tasks like walking or feeding dogs or mowing the lawn, making dinners and such so you can focus on the important stuff like, Linda’s health. You guys have many friends and we are on stand by. Just tell us via text or on this site.

 Please feel free to post your own encouragement and um.. love notes for Linda through this site! Upload photos of good times to the Gallery (button above). Don’t forget, she loves to laugh, as it is the best medicine for her.