Lincoln Cohen Lincoln Gabriel Cohen

Hi everyone,

There's no easy way to say or explain this as we did not expect this to happen. About a week ago Lincoln had an MRI and it did not turn out at all how we were hoping.  After a biopsy and a couple days of rest at the hospital, we found out that he has AT/RT, a rare form of brain cancer developing from undeveloped cells in the cerebellum and spinal cord growing into tumors. In his case he has seven tumors from his brain down his back. On Tuesday, February 2nd, he has surgery to remove the largest mass on his brain then with a few days of rest, immediately starting chemo treatments.  We will make updates to the Planner section as we learn and get more information so that you can follow us on this arduous journey. We are here to ask of you that can help in any way, big or small, to help support us in this please. With the commute from Santa Rosa to SF and Oakland, medical costs, and the fulltime job for all of us this will be, we have already run into some costly tolls.  We know these are hard times with the pandemic and all the chaotic mess that has come with it so do not feel obliged, there will be links to other ways to help and a GoFundMe set up.