Lily Dobert ***~*** Lily Pie ***~***

Latest post: Sep 7, 2016
Lily pie is 12yrs old!! She's in 6th grade this year. She still has yearly check ups with her cancer doctor. She's doing great and we're thankful for everyday we see her smiling.

Lily was born with a Congenital Neuroblastoma involving the placenta on Sept 7, 2006. She underwent a total of 10 rounds of Chemotherapy. She's had at least 4 surgeries. She is the 11 case and the only survivor with her type of cacner. She is now a healthy little 12 old girl! She's busy running and chasing after her brother RJ 16yrs and sister Madison 13yrs. and sister Clara 6yrs old.

We have learned alot from Lily. She has given us so much strength and hope. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives as well as anyone that meets her!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Miracle baby Lily Pie!