Lily Dobert ***~*** Lily Pie ***~***

First post: Sep 9, 2006 Latest post: Jun 5, 2020
Lily Pie is 13yrs old!! She's in 8th grade this year.  She loves being outdoors going for long walks in the woods.  She loves to go fishing! She still goes for yearly check ups and so far everything still looks great! She's always smiling full of life. ❤

Lily was born with a Congenital Neuroblastoma involving the placenta on Sept 7, 2006. She underwent a total of 10 rounds of Chemotherapy. She's had at least 4 surgeries. She is the 11 case and the only survivor with her type of cancer. She is now a healthy  13yr old girl!  Her brother RJ is 17yrs old and sister Madison 15yrs. and sister Clara 8yrs old.