Libbi LeDuff Libbi Strong

At only 20 months old, on September 30, 2020, Libbi, daughter of Chris & Stephanie of Estero, FL was diagnosed with a stage 2 Wilms Tumor.

Libbi had surgery to have both the tumor and her right kidney removed, and then received 19 weeks of out patient chemotherapy. Libbi completed initial treatment on February 15, 2021 at the age of 2 years old. Her end of treatment scans on March 8 showed no evidence of disease, and her bell ringing party was scheduled for April 6th. However, when Libbi arrived at the hospital on April 6th, she did not get to ring the bell. The cancer was back, and a new rapidly growing tumor was consuming her entire abdominal and pelvic area, compressing her bladder, intestines and lungs. Within days Libbi become very sick and was fighting for her life in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit where she went into cardiac arrest and was intubated on a ventilator for 4 weeks.  Strong Chemotherapy treatments began in hopes to shrink the tumor quickly to allow for a safe tumor resection. 

On April 28th, the surgery to remove the large tumor and another small tumor was successful. 

Libbi underwent 20 rounds of radiation fractions in the month of June, and is currently undergoing combination in-patient chemotherapy. She has needed 10 blood transfusions and 3 platelet transfusions to date. Libbi will continue to need transfusions throughout her remaining chemo cycles. 

Libbi’s family, including 6 month old Elliana, live in Estero, FL and she is receiving treatment at Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest FL.