Levi Tonn Levi Tonn

First post: Jul 23, 2018
June 29th 2018.....Levi was at a dead stop on hwy 60 with his left blinker on, waiting for a dump truck coming from opposite direction so he could turn into his boss' driveway. Lady behind him was "distracted" & hit him at 60 mph. That pushed him into oncoming traffic & he watched out passenger window as dump truck hit him going probably 60 mph as well. 
His seatbelt saved his life but broke his collarbone. The floor of the truck buckled up which broke the fibula (one of the shin bones) in his left leg & pushed the shifter into his right leg which broke the femur bone (thigh) in his right leg. 

There is no doubt in my mind that he was wrapped tightly in angels wings. There is no other reason that he doesn't have any more injuries or isn't dead. 

Levi was air lifted to St. Mary's in Rochester, MN and is undergoing many surgeries and more to come.