Levi Hurt Levi 's Road To Recovery

First post: Jun 6, 2018 Latest post: Sep 14, 2018
On June 1st our grandson, Levi Hurt, was on a camping trip with his very good friends. As he was gathering wood for a camp fire he slipped on wet rocks and fell 30 feet to rocks below. He lay at the bottom of this cliff for four hours as his friends worked very hard to reach him and secure help to get him out, as they were deep in the woods at the Buffalo River in Arkansas. He was lifted up in a basket and carried to where he was taken by helicopter to Cox Hospital in Springfield, MO. He had multiple injuries and yet we saw God 's grace immediately as he had no brain or spinal cord damage. He did have one collapsed lung and the other partially collapsed. He also has six fractured vertebrae, a broken pelvis, both wrists broken. both ankles crushed and multiple cuts on his back. They immediately went to work on his lungs and the fact that one was only partially collapsed kept him alive which is just another area where we saw God's grace. He has a long road to recovery as they estimate his time in the hospital will be close to two months. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming as there are people praying everywhere including in Ireland and Africa. Even though visiting is very limited at this point we have seen many people come to the hospital from long distances just to support the family. We ask you to pray and my intention is to post regular updates to this page so our friends and family can know what is going on. God is amazing and we see this as a journey to watch Him work in Levi's care and even in the lives of those who love him so dearly and care about him. Levi loves the Lord and we know God has great plans for him.