Levi Koller

First post: Jun 28, 2018 Latest post: Jul 16, 2018
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Levi has been struggling with abdominal pain and other problems on and off for the past 6 years. On 6/4/18, we went in to Jamestown Urgent Care because the pain became unbearable. They drew labs to check for a few things and did an x-ray, showing he was blocked up; we were sent home and told to take magnesium citrate and schedule a follow-up appointment when he became more regular. He never did become regular but we scheduled a follow-up for 6/14. The morning of, Levi had begun throwing up and the intense pain was back in his abdomen. We went to our appointment and repeated labs and the x-ray; we were sent home and waited for the phone call. The provider called us about an hour later telling us to go to the ER; the blockage had not resolved and she wanted us to go in for a CT scan. 

We went and got the scan done; after a few hours of waiting the doctor came in and told us Levi was being admitted to the hospital for colitis. He was admitted to the hospital and the plan was to give IV antibiotics and treat the pain; after three days of this we were discharged and sent home with oral antibiotics. We got a phone call from our primary again telling us that along with the colitis, they had found a mass on his transverse colon. They didn't think it was cancer, but they wanted to rule it out. She told us to find a gastroenterologist and she would send off the referral. After many phone calls to insurance and medical facilities, we had a referral sent out; they contacted us and told us they would be contacting JRMC (our local hospital) and telling them to get us in for a colonoscopy as soon as they had an available opening.

In the middle of all of this, we decided to elope. We have an entire wedding planned for October 2018, but moved it up for a multitude of reasons. We were married at the Stutsman County Courthouse on 6/25/18. Later that same day, the hospital called and said they had an opening for 6/27 for a colonoscopy. We jumped at the chance and scheduled it. 

The day of the scope, Levi did well with the anesthesia and the prep work. The doctor came in to visit with us and gave us upsetting news. He told us that he hadn't been able to do the full colonoscopy due to an increased area of growth full of polyps in his colon. He biopsied a couple of the areas because they looked suspicious. He said that despite his best efforts, there was just no getting past that area of polyps. They did an x-ray to make sure they didn't perforate anything trying to get through and the doctor left. We were told that he would definitely need surgery.

He came back later to tell us that he did not like what he saw and he would like to do the surgery soon; he would be leaving town the next couple of days and referred us to a colorectal surgeon in Fargo. He made it for the day after at 10:00 and wanted us to do everything we could to be there. We both called in to our workplaces and left the following morning.