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Levi Briskie Levi - King of the Dark

First post: Oct 18, 2018 Latest post: Jan 31, 2019
Welcome to Levi Briskie’s caring bridge site!  Levi is an extremely active 3 year old who loves biking, wrestling, hockey and basically anything that gets his strong body moving. He has a loving mom (Kate), dad (Matt), and big brother Elijah.  Levi was taken to Adirondack Medical Center ER on Sunday October 14th with extreme lethargy and trouble keeping fluids/food in his body.  He was airlifted to Albany Medical Center and remains there in the Pediatric ICU.  It was soon found that he had toxic shock syndrome caused by a serious infection of bacteria-strept pyogenese in his bloodstream.  This site is created so that Levi’s  friends and family can be updated on his journey.  Please feel free to share prayers and testimonials here as well.  God is moving in HUGE ways through this terrible situation.  He has a plan for our little Levi warrior (King of the Dark) and is showing in big and small ways that he has never left Levi’s side.  Prayer is powerful and Levi’s family has incredibly strong faith.  God is working through and in all of them.  They’d love to hear if Levi’s story and the power of faith being demonstrated through their family and the broader community is touching you or someone you know.