Leo Olson

First post: Oct 7, 2020 Latest post: Mar 27, 2022
Leo was in an accident Sunday evening October 4th, 2020. He had been visiting a friend and had a dizzy spell. It sounded like he fell, and his friend offered to call 911 for help. He said no, I'll just go home. (not sure of all the exact words) On his way, he somehow hit an approach and his vehicle launched and smashed nose down. Leo was unconscious at first when EMS arrived, but once he received oxygen, he regained his consciousness. He was able to speak to the paramedic and answered all questions appropriately. He even said, "do I have to answer ", when asked who the president is. He was brought to Watertown, Prairie lakes hospital, and then flown down to Sanford hospital in Sioux falls. The imaging he had in Watertown and Sioux falls showed some fractures in his thoracic spine at the T1 and T9 levels. The T9 level shows an unstable fracture that will need to be fused. This may take place today if his blood pressure remains stable. Sanford will only let one visitor in at a time and they question you as you enter. The family asks for your prayers as Leo endures this trial. God surely gives strength where its needed. Much love