Leonard Cross

Welcome to Leonard's website! As a family, we agree that his story is one of perseverance, strength, courage and deserves to be shared. Since 2014, our father, husband, brother, son and everything in between was diagnosed with Chronic Eosinophilic Leukemia (more commonly known as CEL). Through trials and tribulations,  Leonard continued to be the workaholic and light hearted person we have all known. He kept his high spirits and quirky sense of humor without complaint, and one would never truly know of his struggle. Unfortunately, his health has recently taken a turn. On July 19th, Leonard went to the Emergency Room at UCD Medical Center expecting to have experienced a heart attack. Although that was not the case, he has since then endured a catastrophic stroke, multi-system failure and an outburst of his cancer that doctors could not control. Anything that could have possibly gone wrong in this situation did. As his wife, daughters, and family members we were given multiple times to say our goodbyes, prepare for the worst, and expect him to not make it through the day. However, as we all know, Len is a fighter and continues to prove that to us. He is now progressing, even though it may be ever so slightly, we consistently see positive changes in him. We hope the best for Len's recovery and for the rest of our process moving forward, especially now since he can speak to us! We are so ecstatic that we can continue to imagine a life with him in it.