Leonard Britten

First post: Dec 23, 2021 Latest post: Jan 13, 2022
Hello friends and family and thank you for visiting this site. As you may or may not be aware, Leonard began to notice fluid building up in his abdomen in April of 2021. PET scans and testing of that fluid revealed malignant cells and he was thus diagnosed with stage 4 gastric (stomach) cancer. He unfortunately was not a surgical candidate due to the extent of the cancer so he instead elected to undergo chemotherapy treatment. He was doing relatively well with the treatment until the cancer cells began mutating and ultimately stopped responding to it. After further testing and evaluation he and his physicians decided to switch chemotherapy medications to his current course of treatment. His health has since declined to the point that he recently required surgery to repair a collapsed lung which was caused by the malignant effusion (cancerous fluid) in the pleural space around his lung. Leonard is battling to recover from that, but we are hoping to get him home for the holidays. Please feel free to share your well-wishes and prayers. Let Leonard know how he has impacted your life so we can share your comments with him! Thank you and God Bless.