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Back in June 2019 Dad had a paraded saliva gland by his left ear and jaw. He took meds for a week which did not help. They did a CT Scan and 2 MRI's to determine a mass between the nerves and muscle and 2 biopsies that were inconclusive.  He had to wait for about a month and a half then surgery in June to remove a rare mass that was sent to Rochester.  The surgery left him with weakness and sagging on the left side of his face. He then started physical therapy to strengthen those muscles in his face and neck. Three weeks later the reports came back they said it was an aggressive form of cancer called Angiosarcomar. He went through thirteen rounds of chemo and twenty-five radiations before having surgery again in December to remove all of the radiation and chemo treated area. They took blood vessels and tissue from his leg and put them in his face and left him paralyzed on that side. During the surgery they put a gold weight in his left eye lid as the eye would not close on its own. They also made a tuck in the left corner of his mouth up so it would not sag. After the surgery the doctors said there was no sign of cancer in the tissues that they removed. They left him heal for two months and then did a Pet scan to see if the cancer has returned. Those tests results came back that the cancer had moved to his liver. The Dr.'s were shocked to see these results. They figured that when he was on chemo and radiation that a seed must have slipped through. This was a shock to all of us. The Dr’s said he was terminal and had the option of another type of chemo that would  give him more time during the summer to enjoy his flowers and yard.  He took the six chemo treatments. This chemo was very hard on him but he got through it, as we all know Blotsky's are one tough bunch. Two months after he was done with the chemo he was scheduled for another PET scan to see if the cancer had spread to other places. Mom and dad decided not have the scan as they knew what the outcome was going to be and just wanted to focus on the time that he had left with family and friends.