Lee Turnbull

First post: Feb 26, 2019 Latest post: Mar 26, 2019
Welcome!  Lee is having  triple-bypass heart surgery on Wednesday, February 27.  We will be using this site as a central place to keep family and friends updated through his surgery and recovery. You may share this web page with anyone you know that would like to get the updates. We appreciate your support, prayers and words of encouragement. Thank you for visiting.
Some health concerns over the last year or so motivated Lee to get some tests done last fall where they found signs of some blockage in an artery and recommended exercise and medication. At the 6 month check up there was some improvement. But it wasn't as much improvement as Lee was hoping for so he asked for more tests. And boy are we glad he did! When you wake up from an angiogram and the cardiologist says, "I'm sorry Mr. Turnbull, but your heart is in much worse condition we thought!" it is confirmation to listen to your body and keep asking for answers.