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First post: Feb 22, 2021 Latest post: Jun 15, 2021
I am Lee’s daughter, Lindsay. Dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer October of 2019 and went though a treatment called BCG. He finished treatment in April 2020. All was well until his pain returned in September. His bladder cancer came back and had moved into his muscle surrounding the bladder (MIBC). This time Lee had to go through Chemotherapy. As everyone knows, we are in a pandemic right now, so chemotherapy was a long lonely road. Half way through treatment, it was time to get scans done. Results showed spots on his lungs so he had a lung biopsy done. Shortly after he was out of surgery for the biopsy, his lung collapsed. He was rushed back to the OR and chest tube was placed. For whatever reason, his lung would not stay inflated on its own. 8 days later they took him back into surgery and were able to fix his lung. He was in the hospital a total of 13 days. The BEST news was, the spots on his lungs were NOT cancer. Praise GOD!!! He was sent home on oxygen and has been on it ever since. He doesn’t have to use all the time now, but several times a day. This put his chemotherapy regiment off track. The stay in the hospital made him very weak and he was not able to finish his last treatment on December 29th. The last step to his treatment is to get his bladder removed. They will also remove his prostate and surrounding lymph nodes. He was scheduled for this surgery on Tuesday during the winter storm so it was cancelled. Now they have moved his surgery to Saturday February 27th. After the surgery he will go to ICU. There is no way of telling how long he will be in ICU before being moved to his own room. I’ve been told he will be in hospital 7 to 14 days depending on his recovery. Full recovery takes 6-8 weeks typically.
I will be posting updates on here as I receive them. Please keep his full healing in your prayers.