Lee Muns

First post: Jan 28, 2022 Latest post: Jun 4, 2022
We created this page to update friends family members on Lee’s status following open heart surgery for an aortic valve replacement.
Here is a brief history/status:
Early Tuesday, Jan 25th open heart surgery to replace valve (2 1/2 hour procedure).
            Moved to ICU, then shortly after, we hear Code Blue, and yes, it was Lee
                CPR performed almost immediately while being taken back to the Operating Theater
                Replaced the valve with a smaller one which they thought would help, patched a bit, and did a bypass
 1 am Wednesday, Jan 26th, attempted to remove the breathing tube resulting in another cardiac event, reopened her due to swelling
            Lot’s of monitors, drip lines, drain lines, etc. 
            Focus on keep heart function with drip line cocktail and a pump installed in the groin to assist the heart. Worked
            Liver and kidneys compromised. Bad live numbers sky rocketed, but steadying of late. Kidneys functioning, but barely
1:30 am Friday dialysis started with intent to run it in a “continual” slow mode til morning
            Dialysis machine filters clogged, maybe more than once.
9:00 am Friday machine disconnected and decision was made to close the chest as swelling was down. That procedure  should be completed now.
            Waiting on call about closing the chest procedure. She is very critical. All who have access channels to higher powers,, please make contact.