Leann Moll

First post: Jan 10, 2022 Latest post: Jan 30, 2022
On Wednesday January 5th, Leann was not making sense when talking and was in pain so, Bob took Leann to the emergency room in Madelia. She was admitted to the hospital that night as she was very out of it. She was also very dehydrated. They did a number of tests including a spinal tap test to check her spinal fluid. The color was not clear like it was suppose to. They came back with a diagnosis of bacterial meningitis. Something we were not all expecting. She couldn't rest like the doctors wanted her to so her body would fight the meningitis so, the doctors made the decision to sedate her. They ended up venting her also since she was sedated. Doctors then wanted to transfer her to somewhere that she could get the help she needed to fight this. They frantically were calling hospitals all over to see if they had an empty bed (Covid had made this harder for them). Doctors finally found a bed for her on Thursday. She was airlifted out of Madelia and on her way to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester. On Friday they put a tube in her left ear to get the fluid to drain so that it would relieve pressure off her brain if there was any pressure. (this was due to an ear infection and the fluid was building up). She also had an MRI they did find that she had this infection for awhile. On Saturday, they found out was type of bacteria it is so now they are treating her with the right antibiotics to kill this specific bacteria. She was moving more throughout the day.  When Bob got there on Saturday morning the nurse was in checking on her and asked her to open her eyes and she would. They took her off the sedation and the vent (tube was still in her throat just in case) and was breathing on her own. She seemed like she was more comfortable at this point. Sunday morning Bob got to the hospital and she was awake. She was telling the nurses and Bob no and stop. She was awake more today then she has been since Wednesday night. The Vent tube is out and now she has a feeding tube in as they don't know if she can swallow yet. They are hoping to do a swallowing test Monday sometime. She did move out of ICU as of today and is in a regular room (which is amazing). She does try to be sneaky and pull the feeding tube or the IV out but the nurse or Bob will stop her from pulling them out. She is basically on a 24 hour watch now because of it. Things are starting to look up! Please keep our family in your prayers during this tough time!