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Thank you for checking out our CaringBridge website. It will mostly be posts from LeAnne, Matt or JoAnne (LeAnne’s mom). We are using it to keep family and friends updated in one place. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement. Please scroll to below my story for ways you can help me and my family during this difficult time. 

During the week of July 8th, my son was using me as his personal climbing jungle gym when he elbowed me in the right breast. It was very painful but subsided although I felt a lump. My mom and husband bugged me to go to the doctor to get the lump checked. On July 30th, I went to see my OB/GYN who found what they believed to be a cyst in my right breast & swollen lymphnodes in my left armpit so they ordered the areas to have an ultrasound. On August 7th, I met with a radiologist who informed me they had found a 4.3 cm tumor which was likely a fibroid cyst due to my young age and no family history of breast cancer. I was referred to have it biopsied just to be safe. 
August 13th I got a call at work - the results came back as breast cancer. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. The doctors were shocked, I was shocked. I had never even heard of that. My world came crashing.  I sank down on my office floor and let the tears flow for a moment before calling my husband to come to my office right away.
Telling the people I love has been the hardest part of this so far.  
We had to wait until August 15 to get the details. 
I learned it is Stage 2b, Grade 3, Triple Negative. Not only did I have cancer but I needed chemo, surgery and radiation. It was a lot to take in.  
For those of you who know me best, I am a fighter.  I wiped my tears and told my doctors I wanted the best and most aggressive tratment to ensure this goes away and doesn't come back. They fit me in for bloodwork, a mammogram and a meeting with my oncologist that same day. 
Treatment will consist of chemo every 2 weeks times four (8 weeks total), then every week for an additional 12 weeks. This will be followed by a double mastectomy and then a treatment of radiation. In the midst of all these appointments where I was their personal pin cushion ( I don’t love needles and especially hate IV's), I was scheduled for am MRI on August 16th which found an "area of enhancement". On August 20th I had a biopsy of the left breast and results showed that is aslo breast cancer. On August, 22 I have a bone scan. Please pray for me friends as I do desperately don’t want any more bad news. 
On August 21, I had a port implanted so no more needles or IV's! They are scheduling my first chemo treatment for August 29th or 30th.

Cancer is aggressive. Many people would say so am I. I have to give this all I’ve got as selfishly as I can, which you all know is hard for this working mama but necessary at this time. As my immune system is weakened and compromised from the chemo treatments, I will be limiting my exposure to people. Any infection could cause a delay in my treatment which I just am unwilling to risk. I have been instructed by my doctors to limit chances of exposure to anyone who could be sick and not  know it yet. I will be staying home alot and not likely having many  visitors. I love all of my family and friends with all my heart. Please understand this will be out of medical necessity. If I am feeling well enough to have a visitor, please be prepared to wash your hands, clean them with hand sanitizer,  possibly wear a mask and sing me a Britney Spears song while showering me with chocolate and coffee. I am being informed that I will most likely be ok for the first treatment and will gradually get worse.
The hardest part?  This includes having to limit time spent with my Bubs during the 3 days that the chemo stays in my system. , At 2 years old, he will struggle with understanding this. Thankfully he's only 2 and shouldn't remember any of this but it’s breaking my heart friends. 

The good news:
 I'm young, I'm strong, a CT scan on August 19th  showed no sighs of the cancer spreading - GREAT NEWS! I have an amazing support system of immediate family, extended family, friends and co-workers. I already truly appreciate of each and every one of you that is reaching out to me to let me know you are here to support me along the way while I endure this aggressive treatment and I kick cancer's ass!

Please send love, prayers,  positive vibes, think of me, message me a purple heart (sorry but pinks not my color) , send me positive memes and things to make me laugh and stay positive. Please understand if you don't hear back from me right away and feel free to message Matt or my mom. They will share whatever they know if I am unable to. Please see below for a list of ways to help us out through this journey. Please leave your contact information in well wishes or through a mesage and either Matt or my mom Joanne will get in touch with you. Yes this is hard on me but I also know this will be difficult on those around me who love me so much! I'm a tough cookie! I will beat this! I will take a celebration cruise after this is all said and done!

I love each and every one of you! Thank you for supporting me through this fight. 💜

Here are some thing you can do to help:

Meal prep:
Basic chicken with seasoning (please not spicy or too bold), turkey anything (burgers, meatballs, meatloaf) - I have picky eaters and we don’t eat beef. It would be amazing if these could be portioned in individual servings to freeze and defrost/reheat as needed. 

Gift cards: Target, Wegmans, BJ’s, restaurants (Twin Trees, Pie Guys, Panera, Chili’s, Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse,) Gas cards?

If I an able to sit with Bubs and do activities, the following would be appreciated to do with him: Puzzles, Play-Doh, Duplos, kitchen play, sticker books, funny kids books, paint, markers, paper, kits for 2+ yrs (please nothing 3 +)