Laurie Nichol Laurie’s Circle

First post: Jun 26, 2022 Latest post: Aug 23, 2023
Laurie was in the Neuro ICU at OHSU 6/24-7/1/22  with a diagnosis of a new mass  in her left cerebellum.   previously unknown metastatic lung cancer This had been causing progressive nausea and disequilibrium over 6 weeks. The left lung mass was found by CT imaging as part of the work-up of her cerebellar tumor.  The cerebellar tumor was removed in a 9 hour neurosurgical procedure on Sunday June 26th.   This will be the site that will be updated by family as each significant step occurs. She has completed 3 radiation treatments to her left cerebellum in late August and had the left lung primary lung cancer resected 9/8/2022.  Systemic chemotherapy with carboplatinum and pemetrexed planned 4 cycles every three weeks started 10/10/22 and completed 12/12/22; recurrence of cerebellar lésions with repeat 9+ hour craniotomy 12/24;/2022:; 15 cerebellar radiation treatments 1/13/2023. Mid April MRI showed new metastases in the T1 spinal cord area as well as in the cauda equina. Radiation treatment times one to each area completed.