Laurie Day

First post: Sep 1, 2019 Latest post: May 30, 2021
Welcome to the site we wish we never needed to create. As you know, our Laurie Lynn (Lolly to me), has been diagnosed with Sinonasal Cancer. We're on the edge of our sleep number mattresses, anxiously waiting for news we don't want to hear.  On the other hand, the sooner we get it, the sooner we fix it. We can already feel the love and support of our family and friends around us, and we welcome you with open arms into our journey.  Think of this as our coffee table. We'll give you all the updates as soon as we can and look forward to reading your words of encouragement, wisdom, and even questions.  Join us as we laugh and cry as we navigate the path unpaved ahead of us to the destination of restored health. Don't forget to bring your coaster.  --  XOXO, Meg
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From John:
For the past couple of days I've been searching for just the right words to introduce this site to you. So many thoughts and emotions, how do I select the perfect ones to convey how I feel about this beautiful lady, my wife, my everything?  Finally, I realized, I don't need to here. My Laurie Lynn 
already knows how I feel, as do many of you. So, let's move forward.

First, thank you for visiting this site.  It shows you care and are invested in supporting Laurie and her battle to beat this ugly sucker!  Thank you, also, to Megan for your love and thoughtfulness in constructing this site for your Lolls.  And, to our family & friends who have already stepped forward with your acts and expression of love and support, thank you. You've each taught me how to be a better friend.

Now, for those of you just learning of Laurie's cancer, let me try to briefly bring you up to date:

Laurie has been fighting nasal congestion for several months. When OTC meds wouldn't kick it, she went to her primary care physician.  That led to sprays, prescriptions, antibiotics, steroid injections, and more antibiotics.  As her congestion continued and headaches began increasing, she received a referral to an allergist.  Following an allergy test that was unremarkable, a CT was ordered along with a referral to an ENT.  August 15, we met with the ENT to review the CT findings.  August 15, is a day we won't forget.  CT revealed neoplasms (abnormal tissue growth) in her right sinuses, nasal cavity, and brain.  An MRI was next, followed by a PET Scan.  Add a neck and a nasal biopsy in there and a diagnosis emerges.  By the way, this is a great place to pause and tell you...I'M SO PROUD OF MY WIFE!  She is handling all these appointments, tests, and emotions while dealing with the pain of increased pressure on her brain and continues to be kind, sweet, and progressive...with some occasional expletives that make even this old fireman blush!
Laurie has sinonasal cancer with extension (through weakened bone) into her right cranium.  The PET Scan revealed NO METASTASIS, thankfully.  The weakened bone is theorized to be due to previous radiation to her nose following a skin cancer procedure nine years ago.  Tomorrow (8/30) we meet with a neurosurgeon. Next week, a head & neck surgeon, followed by an oncologist.  Appointments for second/third opinions are also made and being made.  With today's medical advances, especially in delicate surgeries, I am absolutely optimistic that MY SWEETHEART WILL BEAT THIS!

So, as I said earlier, thank you for visiting Laurie's Story.  We welcome your participation and support as we battle this TEMPORARY INCONVENIENCE.  With a team of family & friends and a great medical effort, Laurie and I look forward to turning the page on this chapter so we can resume our "happily ever after" with each of you!!

Laurie & John