Lauren Heil

First post: Apr 5, 2021 Latest post: Apr 17, 2021
Lauren is my daughter. My beautiful, smart, kind, most selfless, hardest working, most loving person I know. I decided to share her story due to the high volume of calls/messages and texts. I greatly appreciate all of you who have done so. Lauren became sick on Saturday March 27th. She went to the urgent care and had a covid test. They would not do any further testing until they had covid results. On Monday her symptoms were getting worse. We went to urgent care again and they did testing. She tested positive for mono. By Wednesday her swelling in her lymphnodes was excessive and she couldn't bare the sore throat pain. Anyone who knows Lauren knows she has a high tolerance for pain.  Lauren went to the emergency room Wednesday night. They gave her fluids and Tylenol and sent her home. This was the care recieved at marshfield clinic and hospital. Told her its just mono and it has to run its course. Saturday we brought her into mayo ER in barron. She had a 107.2 fever. They ran tests, far more thorough than marshfield, and her cbc was all off the charts.  She was diagnosed as sepsis.. She had two seizures at mayo in barron. They airlifted her to EauClaire mayo and during her few hours there they ran bloodwork again and were treating her with antibiotics, fluids, etc. Within two hours she was then airlifted to rochester mayo. She is in  the intensive care unit with the absolute best staff and doctors and specialists. We were notified this am that she has a "bug" or also known as a gram negative bug. A  rare bacteria that they are still testing.  She was also diagnosed as having secondary HLH.  (Haemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis)  She has ARDS (acute respitory distress syndrome). That has developed and came on quite rapidly in the last 24 hours. They are doing a very extensive treatment on her and we are now waiting for results on what "bug" is in her blood and where it came from. Also searching for anything else that could be causing her to be severely ill. Please pray for my daughter. I will try to update daily. Thank you for taking the time to read laurens story.