Laura Bergen

First post: Dec 15, 2021 Latest post: Jan 2, 2024

Hello Family and Friends! I have read many Caring Bridge pages over the years, but never thought I'd be setting one up for myself. BUT here I am doing just that. Long story kinda short, I've been having pain in my stomach that radiates to my back pretty consistently since May. I finally made an appointment in September to start getting to the bottom of it. After several tests and scans we've learned that what was initially thought to be an issue with my gallbladder has turned out to be a large tumor (think the size of a LIME!?!?) in my pancreas.

I had a biopsy on December 13, 2021 confirming our worst fear - I have pancreatic cancer.

It's still hard to wrap my mind around the fact that I'm writing that. Ugh.

Unfortunately, the tumor (I've named it Larry) is inoperable at this time, but the hope is that it’ll shrink enough with chemo and radiation that removal will eventually be an option. We'll know more in about 4 months. 

We'd appreciate all of the prayers and good vibes you can send our way! Your support and encouragement will help kick Larry's a** to the curb. Thank you! 

NOTE: We noticed that CaringBridge adds a donation function to the bottom of all pages. The funds donated there go directly to CaringBridge…which is totally cool, but I just want you to be aware. At this time, Patrick and I just ask for your prayers and good vibes as we start down the recovery path. No direct monetary donations are needed, but if you’d like to contribute to an organization near and dear to my heart, please consider Star of the North Maternity Home:

Thank you!💗