Laura Giacchi

First post: Jan 10, 2020 Latest post: Sep 5, 2020
It seems that timing and relationships have played a huge part in my life, especially leading up to the beginning of this journey. I believe things happen for a reason, even if I don’t know why right now. I am truly blessed, and hope to be a source of encouragement for everyone I meet... I do mammograms annually, but in November 2019 when I was due to go in, I discovered two small (pea-sized) lumps in my right breast. After 3-D mammograms, ultrasounds and biopsies, they determined I have HER2Positive stage 2 cancer. I will have a year of treatment...”big chemo” and protein inhibitor every three weeks; after five months I’ll have surgery then radiation, and continue the protein “small chemo” until the end of one year. This is the recommended course as it’s fast growing and chemo will stop the spread...hopefully I’ll be able to have a lumpectomy and there won’t be anything left for them to remove!There is so much to do in preparation just to start the actual treatment...I am reminded daily to be my own advocate to get answers and things done, but thankfully I have friends and family to take notes, ask questions and listen because it’s really hard to remember everything the doctors say...I was surprised to learn that in MY case, I have to avoid anti-oxidants and herbal supplements, which seemed counterintuitive while I’ll have a compromised immune system. I remember saying to the doctor at my first oncology appointment that I wish I could wake up and hear that this was a bad dream... I never imagined I would have this type of cancer; maybe skin cancer, but not this. I am very certain that the treatment will work and in one year, I’ll be on a path of healing with strength and health.What I want you to know....My faith in God is the rock I stand family and friends are my anchor. I know how much I am loved...they are the manifestation in my life, God with skin. Also, Get your mammograms every year! Pay attention to your body and don’t ignore any changes. My cancer would have been found eventually, but just because life is busy, don’t put the important off for the urgent/daily tasks in life.