Laura Case

First post: Mar 5, 2020 Latest post: Jul 28, 2020
My mom was looking at 2020 with the highest of hopes.   Starting an incredible job opportunity that opened a blank canvas for her future.   The new possibilities were abruptly impaired with her diagnosis of breast cancer.   Since then, a whirlwind of balancing this life-changing diagnosis, a new job, and all the other stresses of life has made handling the situation very difficult.   As all of you know, Laura's strength and independence is unmatched.   Raising two boys as a single mom, in a ski town is a task most would abandon.   Her strength and perseverance has gotten her through the struggles of being a single parent and will help her get through this.  Her days are good and bad, for the bad ones it would be incredible to get some support from her friends and family.   Leaving positive thoughts and prayers in the "well wishes" tab on this page is the best way. This is best, because it allows Laura to look at them when she needs to,  while not having the situation brought up in times where it does not need to be.