Larry & Halfrid Underhill/Nelson Larry & Halfrid Underhill

First post: Jul 2, 2021
It is with deep regret that we announce the death of our parents Larry Underhill and Halfrid Nelson-Underhill. They lost their lives to a fire that began in their home, from an unknown source, on June 26th, 2021. We appreciate the love and support of our family, friends, and community thus far. At this moment, there is very little we know. We ask for privacy and patience as we wait for answers and the ability to move forward in planning a memorial and likely cremation arrangements.

For those who desire and are able to, a gofundme campaign, has been created to assist with memorial and cremation costs. It is linked here:

Please feel free to share this post with those wishing to stay updated. As mentioned previously, our ability to know of and contact friends of Halfrid and Larry Sr. is extremely limited due to the fire destroying almost all records. At this point in time, we’ve reached out to all known friends and family to share the news. For anyone we may have missed, please know it was not our intention to exclude you.

Halfrid and Larry Sr. were kind gentle souls. They lived generally happy and long lives. Albeit not long enough.  They married on June 13th, 2009 with an intimate wedding ceremony on the San Joaquin River next to their home with family and friends. As the years passed, they lived abroad in Costa Rica and Mexico. Larry worked as a teacher and Halfrid as a school administrator. They described their time spent abroad as simply, “living their dream”. We can’t tell you all how many wonderful stories we heard about their time galavanting around Central America. After some time, they returned to the states for a change of pace. They moved up to Badger, CA to run a struggling hotel known as Seven Circles. They eventually moved back to their little home, tucked away just north of Fresno next to the San Joaquin River. There, Halfrid rode her trike around the neighborhood. Larry went back to teaching. We spent more time together during the final years of their lives than ever which was nice. Our last and final memory with them was very positive. We spent Father’s day with them at the very spot they got married. We had burgers, talked, laughed, and said our goodbyes until the next family gathering. Little did we all know it would be the last time we’d see them. Luckily our last moments with them were together as a family was lovely, shared, and cherished. In hindsight, we are extremely thankful we had that last wonderful day together.

Halfrid and Larry are survived by their children Kari Moore, Eric Moore, Larry Underhill Jr., Daisy Underhill, James Underhill, Tad Underhill, and Melissa Harris. They are survived by their grandchildren Alexa Moore, Ryan Moore, Loreen Whitefield, Katie Hoffman. Halfrid is survived by her sister Barbara Nelson and brother Nick Nelson. Larry Sr. is also survived by his brother Dave Underhill.