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     On December 19th, 2016, while scheduling Larry's  annual physical and RX check, a recommended visit to the ER, at SCRMC in St. Croix Falls, because of "chest pains, and extreme fatigue" revealed that Larry had two cancerous tumors in his upper lobe of the right lung. 
       5 years ago, a encapsulated  cancerous tumors was removed, from Larry's right lung. The entire lower lobe was also removed. No further cancer was evident, and no treatment followed surgery, except semi annual Dr. Visits. These tumors are being considered "a new cancer"
    The next 3 weeks of tests, assessments and recommendations found us with a fantastic oncology team,  and a treatment plan in place at  Wyoming Minnesota at the University of Minnesota, Lakes Cancer Center.
    Tests have shown that there is NO cancer anywhere else at this time. (Thank you God). 
     An agressive, Curative  treatment plan is in place.  Both Dr. Wang and Dr. Hussain believe that this is curable, that they will erridicate  the tumors, and any other potential cancer sources.
     A 5 days a week, agressive dose of radiation, targeting the tumors, and 1 time a week a moderately agressive Chemotherapy treatments, interveniously, on Mondays started on Monday,  Jan. 16.
     They are doing 2 weeks. Rest a week. Two additional weeks. Then various assessments, and new plans put in place.
     We drive daily, the 110 miles round trip to Wyoming  MN. (Thank goodness I just put new tires on the Saturn, and get 25-30 mpg).
     We are both thrilled with the Oncology team we've assembled, and with Larry's primary care Dr, Theresa Durkin at SCRMC, and have 150% confidence in them.
     The tumors are.... a T-1, small, the size of a dime, and a T-3, 1.5"x1".  ( see illustration in photo gallery).
That tumor has invaded the lung lining, and a rib bone, and causes considerable pain. Dealing with pain, with morphine and oxytocin  as needed.
    I (Linda) am resourcing,  researching, organizing,  and rounding up what ever we "need", to ensure Larry's comfort, and successful  outcomes.
     I'm  looking into  various sources for "help" with treatment costs that insurance does not cover, and for help with other expenses and issues that  come with this journey. We have our 2017, annual deductible  to meet/pay, for both treatments  and for RX, 
   I'll do journal updates,  and of course, we'll love to hear from all of you..

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Larry Glenn, 936 250th Ave,  Luck Wisconsin 54853

Journal entry's, probably daily, in journal section, after these. L.

MONDAY 1/16 - up at 5:30, and out the door by 630. MRI, blood labs, and 2.75 hrs of chemo. Radiation follows that. The chemo kicked his a**.  Very ill. Nausea, and praying to the porcelain  potty. No eating, and extremely fatigued.

TUESDAY  1/17 - Radiation. Still nauseous, but RX helping with it. Very very tired.  Good news tho.... pain in chest/tumor area almost eliminated. Now moderate, and bearable.
WEDNESDAY  1/18... Radiation, and consult with Dr. Wang, and Dr. Lee, resident on our team. Still fatigued. Nauseous, but drinking and eating some. Dr's thrilled  to have the pain lessened.  Both very very optimistic about treatments results so far. Slept, immediately upon arriving home, for 3.5 hrs. But, ate dinner.  Liver, onions, mashed potatoes n fresh peas. Hurrah.