Larry Adams

First post: Jan 23, 2022 Latest post: Jan 24, 2022
This is a page that we should have started in August when Larry’s battle with pancreatic cancer began. Unfortunately we didn’t think of it until now. Coach has fought these last 6 months  with strength and boldness. 5 rounds of chemo were completed through the fall to attempt to shrink a tumor in hopes that a surgery could remove it. Despite losing weight and dealing with many of the common (but miserable) side effects of chemo, Coach kept doing all of the things he loved. He kept working on the farm to keep it going strong alongside his son, Kurt. He also didn’t let cancer or chemo stop him from helping lead his Eaton Reds to their second state championship. He made it to all of the games, except the championship itself. Unfortunately, he was in the hospital with an obstruction on the day of the big game, but he was able to watch the game and even add his input via text during half time. The next day brought the surprise of a lifetime when nearly all of the team, coaching staff and some parents surprised him with a visit to the hospital - complete with the trophy! It brought such joy and life to a challenging week.  L.A. then got a few days at home to rest (and farm) before the big surgery was scheduled. We were hopeful for a long surgery that would remove anything cancerous.  We were heartbroken to get the news that after a few hours they had found the cancer had spread to the liver. At that point it isn’t worth the risky surgery. The plan was to recover and try some chemo again.  We are thankful that it was a fairly quick recovery with only a few short days of pain. We are also grateful to report that there is still no pain, however there is great discomfort in general and especially after eating. Coach made the decision in the last week that he is done fighting and ready to go home.  He began hospice care with a great attitude, thankful for a caring team to walk the rest of this journey with him. While we are grateful that he is looking forward to his heavenly home (thanks to his strong faith in Jesus Christ) we are heartbroken, as are so many of you that we hear from everyday. Coach has lived a great life and loved so many people so well. We’ve experienced an outpouring of this love in the past months that has blown us all away. As much as he would love to meet with everyone, his energy won’t allow this. We hope that this journal offers all a place to connect with him through a message.  Please share any memories that you have of Coach under the Well Wishes tab above. 

With Love, 
Kayedeane, Kurt, Jill, & Kristen