Lara Demaree

First post: Apr 11, 2019 Latest post: Aug 16, 2021
On  March 28, 2019 Lara went for a run at her favorite lakes after school and returned home feeling disoriented and nauseous. Immediately upon arrival at the emergency room later that evening, Lara experienced a violent seizure and went into cardiac arrest. An abnormality in her brain was detected in the CT scan, and she was rushed to Swedish Medical Center in Englewood. Twelve days later, Lara was released with a diagnosis: grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM). This rare and aggressive brain cancer is complex and difficult to treat and the median survival rate is 11 to 15 months. For an accurate, detailed profile of GBM please visit

Unfortunately, Lara's tumor resides in her front temporal lobe near her brain stem making  removal of the tumor through surgery inadvisable. Instead she will be undergoing six weeks of radiation at Mckee Medical Center in Loveland followed by 12-14 sessions of chemotherapy. There is also the possibility of participation in clinical trials or the use of a new vaccination pending FDA. Please pray that we would have discernment as we decide what path would be best to preserve Lara's zeal for hiking and travel, family and friends, whiskey and wine.

We all know and love Lara in different ways: teacher, wife, friend, mother, coworker, sister, confidant. I am sure none of us would disagree though that she is one of the most vibrant, energetic souls to touch any of our lives. We are all so blessed to know her.