Lane Louwagie

First post: Apr 16, 2021 Latest post: Jul 9, 2021
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Early Sunday morning, April 11th 2021, Lane, along with multiple friends, were involved in a campfire explosion. At the ER, he was placed in a medically-induced coma and airlifted to HCMC burn unit. On Sunday afternoon he was taken out of the coma and allowed to breathe on his own and is doing great in that area. Lane's body was over 60% burned. His left side of his face, left hand, most of his legs and butt area. He has 1st and 2nd degree burns but mostly 3rd degree and possibly some 4th. Lane is going to be undergoing multiple surgeries with a lot grafting on his lower extremities. Lane goes in daily for cleaning and bandage changes but today, April 14th, they will being doing some deep cleaning to assess the degree of everything to figure out where all the grafting needs to be done. Lane is in a lot of pain and heavily sedated but overall he is being positive about everything that's happened. He will be in the hospital at a minimum of 3 weeks and that's if everything goes perfectly. If you have tried to reach out to Lane and he has not yet responded, please be patient as I know he would love to speak to all of you. Please know that all of your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated by all of us. Please keep them coming. Thank you and much love from all of us. Love, Lane, Kennar, Mom, Dad, and Tammy  A GoFundMe to help Lane with living expenses, loss of wages, and medical needs is in Lane's name,  in this site click on "ways to help" and then click on "GoFundMe website", It will bring you to Lane's page. Venmo is another option. search Lane Louwagie. Or if you prefer Donations can be made in his name at: Citizens Alliance Bank Attn: Lane Louwagie Benefit PO Box 276 Echo, Minnesota 56237 Granite Falls Citizens Alliance Bank also will be accepting them.