LaFrieda Mannor-Helm

First post: Mar 7, 2019 Latest post: Oct 25, 2019
Hello Family and thanks for visiting my page. I am using Caring Bridge as a way to keep my love one's informed on my care and progress. My cancer journey began October 2017. It was around this time my doctor's scheduled me for a Breast MRI. Unfortunately we found out I am claustrophobic. Johnie was going to go back with me to try again, but because he was so ill I opted to just do a biopsy. The results from which came back negative and I was advised to follow-up in 6 months. I was scheduled for a total hysterectomy in January of 2018 and moved it to February due to my husband’s illness. So with that said I had the surgery in February and he passed in April. Needless to say my mind was not on my health and when I finally went back for another mammogram and ultrasound they wanted another MRI. This time my ultrasound tech said she would come with me and hold my hand. So I went they gave me valium (which did nothing), and had the test. Then there was a request for another biopsy, which this time came back positive for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. I was advised of this information on November 6, 2018. To say it’s been a year is an understatement, but I am blessed. Follow along on my journey as I want to not only share but inform. Love you.