Kyle Temple Jr.

Kyle’s Story, Kyle was first Diagnoised with Blount's disease is a growth disorder of the tibia (shin bone) that causes the lower leg to angle inward, resembling a bowleg. It is also known as "tibia vara". Kyle started to walk at 6months his Primary Care Doctor immadiately Refered is to John Hopkins Orthopedic Surgery! It has been a Journey. All the doctors thought Kyle would out grow this disease but instead it became worse! Kyle started Headstart it was a bit of a challenge for  him! His legs steam to hurt him at times, So our visits to John Hopkins became more frequent. Kyle graduated and went on Pre- K at the public school ! About half way through the school year Kyles mobility begin to decline. We went back to John Hopkins met with the Surgeon and determined it was time to come up with a plan . After 4 years of waiting the Day had Finally come! June 11,2018 the Day our live changed forever! Kyle underwent his first surgery. Surgery was originally scheduled for 3hrs but it took about 9hrs in all! He came out and into recovery hook up to several machines & wires I almost Lost it! My son , my only baby! What has happend! Kyle had some complications with Sleep about apnea which we knew nothing about that prolonged his surgery! His breathing was now labored! And Kyle him self refuse to wake up! After about an 1hr Kyle had finally awoken and wanted to have something to drink. The nurses did what they neede to do to get him ready for the ICU Floor John Hopkins Children’s Hospital! Where we stayed for a week  Kyle did Great!! Than we were discharged home ... to be continued