Kyle Schwartz

First post: Aug 18, 2022 Latest post: Aug 21, 2022
On Aug 16th Kyle was admitted to the hospital to discover he had a brain bleed due to Leukemia.  Within a few hours of going to the ER the brain bleed caused a stroke like event and kyle slipped into a coma and critical care.  Kyle's platelets were critically low which prevented surgical intervention. After a night in the neuro ICU and receiving donor platlets in large numbers he was cleared for the surgery Bieber it would still be extremely risky with only 25% chance of making it out of surgery.    By an act of god and excellent surgical hands Kyle made it through a very difficult surgery.   Once again family needed to pray that he would make it through the night.  The morning of 18th he is showing some signs of recovery though still in critical condition.

This is where the next chapter of his story begins.