Kyle Hendrix

First post: Sep 1, 2021 Latest post: Nov 7, 2021
Kyle Hendrix is the healthiest guy we know, eating healthy vegetarian and staying active with running, weight lifting, tennis and pickeball. But, a couple of months ago, he started losing weight, in large part because of what we suspected was gastrointestinal issues and he could hardly eat anything without getting bad abdominal pain. An endoscopy showed no ulcer, so a CT scan was ordered for 8/11 to look for suspected gall stones / gall bladder issue or pancreatitis. It took a week to learn that what they found instead was a sizable mass on his right kidney which the radiologist determined was almost certainly cancer, and referred him to an oncologist. A followup CT scan of his chest and lungs were clear, so there is a fair amount of confidence that this is a slow-growing and isolated clear cell renal carcinoma attached to the kidney and growing inside and outside the kidney walls. We met with a general oncologist on 8/18 who read the scan. Through a family friend, we've been referred to the top, local  oncologist and to a surgeon who both specialize in this area of cancer, and  met with both on 8/27.  They both concurred that by every indication, the tumor appears to be localized (there has been no spreading).

Here is what is planned to get the tumor out of Kyle's body and to begin his healing:
• Pre-opperation appointment on Tuesday, August 31 to get all the details on surgery prep and recovery; 
• Surgery to remove the tumor on the right kidney, the right adrenal gland, the artery that drains the kidney, and all the surrounding lymph nodes. It has tentatively been scheduled for September 13 (awaiting confirmation);
• Healing in University Hospital for 3-5 days days;
• Coming home to heal for an average of six (6) weeks. From tomorrow's pre-op meeting, well have a lot more information what he needs during that time. 

The prognosis is VERY HIGH for this path to completely remove all of the cancer with a VERY UNLIKELY chance of return. They believe they caught it early, thus Stage 1, but they will not "stage" or "grade" the tumor until it is removed and can be evaluated. They do not treat kidney cancer with chemotherapy or radiation (it has not proven to be beneficial), so that is not being considered as a form of follow-up treatment. Immunotherapy (an immune booster cocktail) is a possibility, but that will be determined after the fact.

Because contracting COVID could be very dangerous for Kyle and would also delay a needed and timely surgery, his doctor has ordered that he work from home for the time leading up to surgery. In addition, because of both his pain and energy level, it has been difficult for him to set at his office desk for too long. 

We know that Kyle is loved near and far, and he will certainly appreciate all the love and support that you can shower on him over the coming days, weeks and months. At any given time, he may or may not be up for chats on the phone, reading or responding to text messages, or in-person visits.... but, it's really important that he knows that he is in your thoughts and that you are sending all your love and caring in his direction at this difficult time.  

We'll have a better idea of his needs soon and will communicate them here when and as we do. The Hostetter's set up a meal train (, have friends who are helping me sanitize the room before he comes home from the hospital. From the few folks who we've been able to talk to direct, he and I have been so grateful for the outpouring of love and offers to help. We'll reach out as we realize the things that we could use help with. 

Thanks everyone, Kyle, Julie & Ansel