Kirk Robinson

First post: Sep 24, 2019 Latest post: Oct 18, 2019
For two and half years we have all been following, cheering on, and supporting Kirk during his battle with Cancer.  While Kirk has been very public with the ups and downs of battling aggressive cancer, we want to provide a current update on Kirk’s health.

As many of you know what started as Melanoma has progressed to the point where tumors were found in other areas of Kirk’s body, most notably on his brain.  While the immunotherapy treatments Kirk was receiving were making progress on the tumors in his body, the tumors in his brain eventually infiltrated to his cerebral spinal fluid.  Despite all of that, Kirk and his doctors remained hopeful that they could attack these new developments and get ahead of it.  In the midst of all of these treatments Kirk developed blood clots in his leg, causing weakness and occasional numbness to develop. 

Kirk has been traveling back and forth to Houston for some time now as a part of his regular treatment plan.  On Tuesday, September 10th Kirk began feeling pronounced weakness on his right side.  He contacted his physician and decided to fly to Houston for scans to figure out why things were getting so much worse.  Kirk and all of our worst fears were confirmed.  The tumors in Kirks brain were growing and spreading quickly.  Additionally, blood clots had formed in Kirks lungs.  Doctors in Houston immediately began full brain radiation to try and stop the tumor growth in the brain.  The blood clots were untreatable due to the risk of causing bleeding in the metastases. 

Today we share the heartbreaking news; the treatments are not working. The doctors have told Kirk and his family that there is nothing more they can do to attempt to cure his cancer. Kirk has chosen to transition his goals of care to comfort and is resting very comfortably, with Jessie at his side. To honor Kirks very clear request, the family is asking for absolute privacy during this difficult time. 

There are a few ways you can help:

You are welcome to follow this site and pass it out to receive updated information. Please also use it as a platform to post encouragement and celebration of Kirk’s life. These messages bring a smile to Kirk’s face and heart as they are read to him.

As you can imagine the financial burden for Kirk’s care will exceed what insurance will cover. The unique care in transporting Kirk from Houston to Seattle, hospice facility, and extensive medical bills.  If you would like to make a financial contribution this would serve as a huge blessing to Kirk and his family. While is never easy to ask for money, this is how you can help this terrible situation. In the spirit of Kirk, we appreciate how so many are stepping up to help just as he would have. Please see the “Ways To Help” tab on this page with giving options.

This week:

Kirk will admitted into hospice care. Due to Kirk’s comfort care and family time, the family is asking that visitors be at the family's discretion.

As we all know, Kirk loves his people so well. Although he would love to see all of you, he simply does not feel well. The best way we can love on Kirk right now is by supporting his family and honor their requests.  Please write a message of encouragement on the email link on the “Ways To Help” tab.

Gavin and Levi will be attending school and activities. Please be gracious with them and do not flood them with questions about their dad. Let them be kids and, like all of us, trust that they will share if and when they are ready.