Kristin Schumacker

First post: May 13, 2020 Latest post: Jul 22, 2020
Kristin's journey has been anything but normal.   There have been twists and turns and difficulties to overcome, and yet, she continues to persevere.  Kristin currently lives in Roseville, Ca with her husband Justin and their 6-year-old son Jase.  Kristin is also 30 weeks pregnant with their 2nd baby, a little girl named Jewel.  This pregnancy has had quite a few unexpected challenges including a week-long hospital stint for walking pneumonia and, later, having to get tested for Covid-19 because of painful fevers and difficulty breathing.  But none of the challenges she's ever faced could have prepared her for the greatest mountain she'd be asked to climb.  During a routine pregnancy check-up, doctors noticed Kristin's blood platelet count was incredibly low and her tissue damage was off the charts.  Kristin was instructed to come to labor and delivery and after running more tests, they discovered Kristin has Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

With everything going on in the world because of Covid-19, Kristin is going to be isolated at the hospital for a month while she is receiving her first round of chemo.  She's unable to have visitors or even have her family with her.  I created this page to keep folks up to date on Kristin's journey.  This site will be the central hub for updates and prayer requests along with opportunities to help as they arise.

If you'd like to send something to Kristin, you can ship it to their home address to ensure she gets it quickly. Please email ( or for the address.  Please note that Kristin is not allowed to receive flowers or plants of any kind.