Kristen Roy Kristen Roy Covid Journey

First post: Aug 3, 2021
Kristen Roy (formerly Kristen Webb) was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Friday, July 9th. Her symptoms worsened, and on Friday, July 16th, she was admitted to IU Health in Bloomington where she was placed on oxygen for breathing troubles. There she was also diagnosed with Covid pneumonia in both lungs. Her breathing was not getting better so they intubated her and transferred her to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.

Kristen is 24 weeks pregnant and is still currently on a ventilator as well as ECMO now. Kris has overcome so many struggles in her life, and was finally getting to a good place only to be knocked down once again. Please consider making a donation, taking a moment to say a prayer, or sharing this in an effort to help Kristen and Baby Elijah get through this difficult time.