Kristen Jordan

First post: Nov 25, 2019 Latest post: Nov 13, 2021
Well, it’s the big C! When I checked myself into the emergency room on November 11 for trouble breathing, I thought I was having an asthma attack. As it turns out, I have lymphoma in my right lung and the tumor has collapsed the entire middle lobe (central third) of my lung. The bronchi (main airway) in that lung is completely closed off after the upper lobe. My team of doctors also believe there is pneumonia behind the tumor.

The pathology results show that it is a low grade, B-cell, nodal marginal zone lymphoma, which is a rare, slow-growing cancer. Thankfully, it is still centralized in my lung and hasn’t spread anywhere else. My bone marrow testing was clear, and the PET scan showed minimal areas of concern outside the mass in my right lung. Because of this, the treatment plan at this time is just radiation, which I’ll begin Monday! This is all amazing news! I mean, if you have cancer : )

In case you’re concerned, I am extremely positive about all of this. I consider it a gift that I checked myself into the hospital, which allowed people to find this before the impact to my body, my quality of life and life expectancy were really significant. If you know me, you know this is just another brightly colored patch on the technicolor quilt of my life.

Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for caring enough to interrupt the wonderful things in your life to share your support. Your prayers, good vibes and love are felt and have buoyed me as I’ve worked to process this.

I. Will. Crush. This.