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Kris Casebeer journey through her Challenges with Pancreatic Cancer as described here: 
In October 2016 Kris was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Extensive analysis by the medical specialist at Oregon Health Science University in Portland determined that the tumor was wrapped around a vital artery at the head of her pancreas. This meant that a very involved tumor removal surgery known as The Whipple Procedure could not be performed. The plan was to subject Kris to chemotherapy treatments to shrink the tumor to a size that would allow surgery. After four months of weekly drug infusions, the tumor had not changed in size. Finally the oncologist reluctantly admitted that the cancer can build up a tolerance to chemotherapy drugs & make them ineffective. A change in the type of drugs was needed. We had been doing research on using high strength cannabis oil to combat cancer. We chose to try that approach. The oncologist had heard of the process & was not opposed to this attempt. Kris did not want to be subjected to radiation treatments.

As we proceeded with this treatment, we periodically referred back with the oncologist for CT scan status reports. The Doctor was amazed that the tumor was not growing or spreading without any orthodox medical treatments. At the end of August 2018 Kris developed symptoms of pancreatitis. Further analysis revealed that her bile duct was being blocked by the tumor. After two procedural attempts a stent was put in place to allow proper secretion of fluids through the duct. All of the disruptions of the pancreas caused another severe & painful case of pancreatitis. After 3 weeks of agonizing pain a drug regiment was established to cure the pancreatic inflammation and keep the continuing pain under control. The 3 week hospital stay took its toll both mentally & physically on Kris, that was going to take an almost impossible amount of effort to rebound from. Kris got to come home, which she adamantly wanted to do. The goal was to keep her comfortable and see what direction her body would take. It became apparent that Kris was entering the final stages of life on this earth. So, all of us friends & family are reluctantly honoring this process and preparing for her departure. Only time will tell when this departure will happen. We are very grateful & take comfort in all the caring, prayers & well wishes that we have received during this trying time. For those inclined, there is a web site with article that described what Kris is going through at this time. A web site that describes the dying process is, by Michael Holmes. Thank you all for the Love & well wishes that has meant so very much to Kris and her loved ones. Kris is an amazing Woman, Mother, Grandmother & Wife. – 21 October 2018 – 32nd day of Home Care – Lee Casebeer, and Kris’s Children, Roger Lindquist of Gold Beach, Oregon & Donna Halpin of Bozeman, Montana, and Grandchildren, Kylee & Zac Halpin of Bozeman, Montana.