Knox Shepherd

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If you wanted to send anything to Knox or the family, please mail it to the below address:
                                                      Knox Shepherd
                                                1811 Poplar avenue
                                                      Apartment 223
                                         Memphis, Tennessee 38104

Several people have asked us about things we need. I have made an Amazon list and will be adding things as they come up. Some stuff is for fun. Some stuff is for organization for all the medical supplies we are about to be sent home with.  You can search Amazon gift registry under Knox Shepherd and Family.

On Saturday, November 27th, 2021 we took Knox to the emergency room because he had been having some issues with nausea and vomiting for a couple of weeks. After some discussion at the hospital, a CT scan was done and a brain tumor was found. We were rushed by ambulance to Norton Kosair Children's Hospital to meet with the neurosurgeon. First thing the next morning surgery was performed to remove a mass which had been pressing on his brain stem and causing pressure throughout his brain. The tumor was completely removed and there seems to be very low impact to his ability. Thank God on all of those victories.

Now for the hard part... The  tumor found in the pathology report is  Grade 3 Anaplastic Ependymoma with  genetic factors called Group A, Gain Q1. Even with a complete resection we have a lot of work ahead for Knox to really beat this thing. For now, we have radiation and chemotherapy slated for the upcoming months in the hopes that the removal of the tumor is permanent and does not return giving him the best chance at survival. 

Currently we have temporarily moved the entire Shepherd family to Memphis so Knox can receive treatment at St. Jude.  Throughout this fight his doctor will remain the same and she has literally dedicated her life to curing this type of pediatric brain tumor.  While this is all absolutely terrifying from a parental standpoint, we know that Knox being here in Memphis gives him the best chance at not only survival of this nightmare but recovery a normal life.

We need everyone's love, support, and prayers to carry our precious son through the hell of fighting brain cancer. So we ask all of you to take moment to keep our amazing little boy in your hearts and minds, even if it is just for a moment, help us love this kid and beat this horrible thing that no person should have to face much less a 3 year old with his whole life ahead of him.

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