Mike Rock

First post: Feb 24, 2020 Latest post: Jun 24, 2020
To hear the words that you have cancer, is something you think would never happen to you. In January of 2020, Rock was diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. This was devastating news to take in and to relay to loved ones. I can't imagine how he is feeling but as his daughter its a daily struggle to even process this, as most of you all know the close relationship I have with my Dad. It's been just him and I growing up, and he's always been a very involved Pappy to Bryce and his other younger grandkids. I am using this CaringBridge Site to keep our loved ones informed so it can alleviate questions being asked during this overwhelming time. 

With bladder cancer there is not always signs or symptoms that you even have something going on. We are not quite sure how long he has had this but starting November of 2019, Rock started to have some symptoms occur. He had urinated blood and went to see his primary doctor that same day. Urine tests were done and PSA levels checked and everything came back okay, however his primary doctor thought it would be good to just see a urologist to make sure nothing else was going on. Rock travels for work so he was to wait to hear back from the Urologist to schedule, but his next 3 week long travel job came up quickly and off he was to China. As he returned back from China just before Christmas, he began to have some additional symptoms begin such as fatigue; but he kept blaming this on being jet lagged, along with some other new symptoms. Rock contacted the urology office finally got an appointment. They did CT scans, labs, urine, and a cystoscopy using a camera to see the inner-lining of his bladder. They discovered a tumor approximately 5 cm. on the right side of his bladder wall. The next step was to have his TURBT procedure, where they use a small invasive procedure to remove any and all of the tumor as they can, to then send the tumor tissue off to be tested. That same day he was given one dose of chemo directed into his bladder to kill off any left over floating cancer cells.We are now awaiting the pathology results to see how advanced this cancer is up to this point. His procedure went fairly well, and a week later he went to review the Pathology results. This is the part when my entire world felt really small and everything around me didn't matter. Rock was told that he had a very aggressive cancer as it was rooted into the muscle, meaning it could very well be spreading already. He was not told the stage or grade of cancer. His urologist referred him to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. Rock made a few phone calls to his close buddies who live in that area, and without hesitation they offered him room and board into their homes. He will be spending a lot of time in Tampa area while he receives his treatment.

Dr. Gilbert at Moffitt was able to explain and answer a lot of questions. We were told he has Stage 2, with a high grade of cancer. He said that the cancer has rooted into the muscle and for those of you who aren't aware, the muscle is one of the last layers of your bladder located just before the fatty tissue layer which is like a divider between the bladder and your major organs in your body. So our plan of attack is to kick this cancers ass! Shortly after the 21st of February he will begin his 3 months of Chemo treatment. Next he will have a 3 month follow up to do repeat scans to make sure the cancer is gone. If everything is good, 4-6 post chemo he will undergo bladder surgery. This is a long recovery process from that surgery which will consist of 6 months to be able to feel like his normal self. 

Please continue to keep the positive thoughts, encouraging words, and prayers coming as they are greatly needed and forever appreciated.  I will use this site as a way to communicate for those who are concerned and provide updated information as I receive it.