Kimmie Affeldt

First post: Feb 24, 2018
On February 16th, 2018, Kimmie received the news that no 22 year old should ever have to hear.  She was diagnosed with cancer - more specifically a rare, but treatable form called Ewing's Sarcoma.  Ewing is considered a form of bone/soft tissue cancer.  Her mass is located between her 1st and 3rd rib.  It is putting pressure on both her lung below and the pectoral muscle above. It is incredibly painful and she now has a two pound lifting restriction and is no longer allowed to drive due to the fact that she lost range of motion.  Kimmie has a long road ahead of her that will include egg harvesting to preserve fertility, at least two surgeries (one to remove the mass and another to repair the damage) and two types of chemotherapy over the next seven months.  

This site is meant to be a way to let her focus on healing and still keep everyone up to date.