Hung Tran-Le (Kim's husband) Hope for Hung

First post: Jun 6, 2017 Latest post: Jul 4, 2019

Thank you for visiting and for wanting to keep in touch with Hung's progress.  For those of you who don't know, the lives of the whole Tran-Le family were changed in May 2017 when Hung was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to spots in the brain and bone (spine).  Hung has been fighting hard for the last two years.  We call him The Amazing Mr. Hung because he's always come back from every adversity.  In these two years he's had a number of different types of chemo, radiation, two brain surgeries, and three jaw surgeries (due to bone damage caused by the chemo).  In May 2019, he received a blow when he was not able to participate in a clinical trial at Emory University due to his advanced condition.  Since then Hung has been on hospice care.   But that doesn't mean that life is all gloomy!  He has good days as well as bad days, and the whole family is very grateful for those.    

We have learned a lot on this medical journey.  We’ve been reminded of the importance of loving each other every day and the joy of being surrounded by family and friends.  We’ve learned about insurance, paperwork, and bureaucracy.  And we’ve learned about how much it costs to engage in this fight.  We have set up a donation portal for anyone who would like to assist in our plan to get Hung well, please click on the ways to help and then click GOFUNDME.