Kim Greenfield Kim Greenfield

First post: Apr 21, 2018 Latest post: Feb 4, 2023
Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to Kim's CaringBridge website. We are using this site:

a) To keep family and friends regularly updated in one place about Kim's journey, and 

b) Share Kim's Mission, her key priorities. This site is intended to be a resource where we provide practical suggestions about how best to support Kim's emotional, physical and spiritual well being.

We appreciate your support and your words of hope and encouragement during this challenging time for Kim, Matt, Mackenzie, Juliana and Dakota. Thank you!

KIM'S MISSION:  Kim’s mission is to focus on her health and healing, her overall well-being and spending quality time with her family.

To achieve this mission these are her 6 KEY PRIORITIES: 

1. Reducing stress! Less energy spent on things like: Household chores; Meal planning/prepping/cooking; Exercising Dakota; Keeping everyone informed about her health and feeling guilty about not immediately responding to texts, cards and calls...

2. Spending quality time with Matt and the kids and have fun as a family, create memories

3. Eating healthy following her specific dietary plan

4. Getting sufficient sleep

5. Creating space and time to practice mindfulness to nurture her body, spirituality and soul  (e.g. meditation, yoga, acupuncture, etc.) 

6. Exercising

Many of you have expressed interest in helping and supporting Kim and her family. Below are some tips about what is most helpful… as well as what is not so helpful :)  


1.  Invite Kim to exercise with you (she loves to hike and walk)

2.  Invite Kim and the girls for play dates and other fun kids outings! Kim enjoys doing fun things with the kids during the week and if she is up for it would love to join your activities!

3.  Help Kim capture memories! Please take pictures and videos of Kim with the girls and her family and send them to her. 

4.   Send encouraging notes, positive news about your family, pictures of places you visit, etc. Just don’t expect a response from Kim, as she’s busy focusing on her healing. 


1.  Asking her about her health. She wants to life live to the fullest and repeatedly talking about her health is exhausting.  

2.  Visiting unannounced... Kim's schedule is somewhat unpredictable so it is hard to accommodate unplanned visits. 

3.  Discussing negative news, politics, etc. that promote pessimism and negativity. Instead, help her focus on having fun, creating memories, and spending quality time with Matt and the kids.

4.  Analyzing or speculating about why Kim has cancer, or questioning Kim’s treatment plan and decisions.  Please respect the choices that Kim and Matt make regarding medical treatments, alternative treatments, etc.  It’s okay if you don’t agree with their decisions and actions, but allow their family space while on this journey.  


In the "Journal Section", we will regularly post updates on how Kim is doing. Please use this site to stay informed instead of reaching out to Kim directly.

In the "Gallery Section", we will post pictures of things going on at the Greenfields. Feel free to submit pictures you took to Andrea Garry  (, so we can share them here!

The "Ways to Help Section" we are  currently not using as Kim is not interested in these items at this time. Instead, the best way to help is to contribute to her GoFundMe campaign.

Thank you again for your support - it is much appreciated!