Kim Croll Kim Bert Croll

First post: Nov 23, 2021 Latest post: Jan 19, 2022
On November 20th, after days of abdomen swelling, Kim checked himself into the ER.  In true Bert fashion he refused anyone fuss over his condition, sending jokes in txts and denying that anyone come to his aid.  Unfortunately within hours of being admitted to the hospital the doctors diagnosed him with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  At that point, Kimberly, his middle daughter, jumped in the car and quickly made the 3hour drive to Trinidad.  At the hospital Kimberly experienced the fastest hospital discharge she had ever seen and they were on their way.

Kim was released to UCHeath Memorial Cancer treatment center in Colorado Springs.  Kimberly and Kim made the trek up to the hospital with a few laughs on the way.  At 2am on Sunday November 21st Kim was settled in the hospital, later that day was when the true state of his health came into full view.  Around 11am they were finally able to relieve the 6 1/2 liters of fluid build up in his tummy, 3 times more than anticipated.  Kim & Kimberly got to speak with the cancer doctor and the doctor confirmed metastic (stage 4) advanced pancreatic cancer that has moved to Liver, left Lung, stomach and abdominal region. 

Kim refused biopsy surgery and chemo because the treatments can be painful and will not change the outcome for any length of time. Given the very aggressive nature of this cancer he has signed a DNR .    The doctors prognosis was 2 weeks to 2 months.    On November 22nd he was released to end of life hospice care at Kimberly's home in Erie, CO.