“Let's think about cake, let's think about flowers
Let's think about dressing up and dancing around for hours
There's an awful lot of awful things we could be thinking of
But for just one day, let's only think about love” 10/19/19

Kimberly Smith

First post: Nov 2, 2019 Latest post: May 17, 2020
Here’s my adventure of having Burkitts; a myc driven high grade b cell lymphoma!

If you have any questions regarding my diagnosis, feel free to view the journal entry "FAQS". 
It will continuously evolve and grow (hopefully the opposite of what my cancer will being doing lol)

I am doing one of those photo time lapse videos at the end of all this, because they are pretty dope!
So please don't mind all the b-average photos posted daily haha. 
Each photo will have a generic caption though with how I am doing that day/where I'm at in this roller coaster. So if thats your thing and you want to know how I’m doing, get your creep on!

Cancer is expensive, especially when free universal health care unfortunately isn't a thing and working through intense chemo is ... well not a thing xD
So here's a link to my gofundme (it's also listed under the "ways to help" section on the caringbridge site)


My white blood cells could use all the help, so seriously anything is appreciated 
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