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Kim has been battling headaches for months.  On June 15 a CT scan was performed in Fosston.  It showed 2 masses in his head. On June 19th. A MRI was done to get a better look at the tumors.  On June 25th, a CT scan was done on his chest and abdomen.  This showed a mass in his left lung.  On Saturday morning June 30th he was experiencing so much head pain. I  brought him to Fosston and he was given some strong medication and was brought over to  Grand Forks Altru Hospital.  Another CT scan was done and some of the tumors had increased from his first scan. He was admitted.  On Sunday July 1, another MRI was done on his head and it showed several tumors. One very large one close to the optic nerve.  His neurosurgeon is consulting with Mayo to see what our next step will be. He is scheduled for a biopsy today, July 2nd, of the mass on his lung.  This will help to decide what the next step will be.