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I have colon cancer - stage 3... Yep, officially down to stage three!  . Went to the ER late monday (November 6, 2017) night because I had severe abdominal pain (was thinking I just had horrible menstrual cramps or just a lot of gas). . .well, they ended up doing a CT scan of my abdomen. Found a huge mass. . Then they did another CT scan - of my lung area. . because the first CT scan seemed to show something going on in lungs. . .the second CT scan showed more masses in bottom of lungs. Then they did a contrast CT of neck down to pelvis. . They had me attempt to take a colonoscopy prep medication and the blockage was too large so I just vomited that up. . had the lovely experience of 4 enemas and then the colonoscopy to see what they could. The results are back from the small things they removed during colonoscopy - definitely cancer. (Thursday, November 9, 2017) had surgery to remove the large mass from my transverse colon.  14/22 lymph nodes were invaded; and several 'necrotic and oozing' lymph nodes were tied off and left inside because they were too close to my pancreas for safe removal. There are masses in my rectum and other places inside my 'innards' as shown on PET scan.

 I'm 45 years old.   Had no idea, no symptoms, nothing.  I was pooping out large and full of pride huge poop logs on Sunday. . the day before this all happened. . .. went to work Monday, no idea at all of the drama about to unfold starting at suppertime that Monday when the waves of pain started - every 7 minutes - it was like labor contractions - took my breath away at the peak of each one. . .. 

here's the thing though. . if you're over age 50 and haven't had a colonoscopy, you NEED to do it asap. . you don't want to be in this ridiculous situation. . .

Claiming Joshua 1:9:  Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the L-rd your G-d is with you wherever you go.