Kevin Robinson

First post: Dec 26, 2018 Latest post: Apr 8, 2019

I have been dreading writing this post especially this time of year!
Kevin wanted me to set up a caring bridge site for family and friends which I will update over the weekend.  I was surprised because he isn't really one for social media. But I said I would! 

As many of you are aware Kevin has been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer on December 7th.   It has been a rollercoaster of emotions the past few weeks!  It started with a stomach pain that wasn't going away, and weight loss because wasn't eating, he was thinking a hernia.  Went to urgent care on Halloween, and sent for additional testing.  They were thinking hernia as well.  Following weeks had x-rays, ultrasound, blood work and nothing came up.  Then they scheduled CT Scan and that was the test where they finally found something.  Scheduled a colonoscopy on December 5th and that is where they saw the huge mass in his colon and couldn't finish the colonoscopy, it was impassable.  Surgery was scheduled to remove the mass before he left that day.  He went in to the hospital on December 7th to remove the mass in his colon but they were unable to remove it, once they went in that was when they noticed he had cancer cells all over his abdomen wall and his liver, as well as the colon was able to get biopsies though.  Couldn't remove mass in fear of a rupture and cause septic toxins, so they inserted a colostomy bag which will stay indefinitely for now.  Thankfully when I got the news his dad and brother was with me it was rough.  I had to break news to Kevin after in recovery he was thinking surgery went well.  That was not easy! 😢 I was going to let doctor tell him next day but I can't keep a poker face!! He knew something was up. 5 days in hospital and couple bumps in the road since then but he is home now, has visiting nurse and taking day by day.  Had his staples removed yesterday morning (Thursday) saw the oncologist that afternoon and meet with his nurse and social worker.  Social security in place but won't start receiving benefits unitl April. 😫 going to be tough but we've been down this road before unfortunately when Derek got sick. CANCER SUCKS! Has affected to many of my family and friends!!  Derek has been told and is dealing with it ok ( I think) he does not talk about it.   We have our days.  LOTS of emotions!  The social worker suggested that we go and see a grief and loss counselor to talk.  I will be asking my primary this week for a referral.

Next steps will be chemo to try to stop the spreading more and shrink the cancer that is there.  Monday and Tuesday are chemo  days the two weeks off then Monday, Tuesday chemo.  4 days a month.  This is incurable and not operable, but the chemo will give him a quality of life versus quantity 😢 Still trying to get his swelling down that he has on his feet, going down very slowly,  he is slow moving but getting around as much as he can. No driving, working or heavy lifting.  Pain meds still, colace,  Ambien, miralax and vitamins. Today they started him on iron supplements,  since blood work he had done at oncologist yesterday came back with he is anemic.  LONG road ahead!  Port will be placed on January 3rd then chemo starts January 7th.  Scans every 3 months. 

I will keep you all updated and teach Kevin how to post and update, as we hear news.