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Hello all,

Unfortunately on 09/14/20 my dad Kevin went into the ER having trouble breathing. After he arrived they discovered he had pneumonia and that his heart rate was 214BPM and concluded that they needed to jumpstart his heart and it was successful. Later on that night his heart rate started to climb back up and the doctors decided they needed to sedate him. Unfortunately after sedating him he went code blue (his heart stopped). He was revived via CPR. A helicopter arrived and flew him down to St. Cloud hospital. During that flight he had to receive CPR twice more. He arrived at the trauma center and had all major procedures done to move to the ICU(intensive care unit) and was then transferred up to the ICU. Unfortunately his heart was stopped for a significant amount of time and we won’t know the damage to his brain until he wakes up. We have learned that his heart, liver, and kidneys are failing. His blood pressure couldn’t stabilize itself. His body shutdown. This page is to keep all my family members informed without having to do it individually. At this Time he is not accepting visitors as the ICU only allows the two same people in for the duration of his stay. Please Pray for Kevin.